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Some of our interviews, articles and achievements 





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Delivered on time. Even under pressure.

Dr. Heé

Digital Consulting. 





Luxury Fashion Industry

Zimmerli of Switzerland's digital share of sales has doubled based on the new platforms strategy (in Corona-year 2020).

Introduction of a new e-commerce direct channel, social media, performance marketing and communications approach.

Data-based cockpits introduced and maintained, starting from the manufacturing process, supply chain up to marketing and sales channels. Managed on-time implementation of an ERP.



Airline, E-Commerce Industry

SWISS established as largest E-Commerce website in Switzerland (turnover € 1b). Ancillary revenue through cross- and upsell (e.g. car rental offers, sale of exit row seat) resulted in a € 800k increase in annual profit. SWISS smartphone apps market launch and online voucher sales tool.



Digital Staffing Marketplaces 

Scaled up Adia (Adecco Group) into new territories in Europe. Achieved 5x revenue growth in one year as Country Manager Adia Switzerland (2017-2018). Led country managers for Adia in Europe and exceeded EBIT budget targets for the markets in London, Paris, Zurich. Introduction of Net-Promoter-Score (NPS).



Telecom Industry

30% increase in online and telesales at Sunrise (Switzerland's second largest Telecom provider) supported by online marketing measures and a new e-shop. Leadership of company-wide digitalisation through a change management programme resulting in a new governance model, new company-wide KPIs, a communication & training programme and new customer journeys to boost process efficiency.